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5 Reasons why we Love Outdoor Wedding Games

If done well, outdoor wedding games (also known as wedding lawn games) can be a great addition to any wedding day. Popular choices of outdoor wedding games include giant Jenga, croquet, connect four, ring toss and noughts and crosses.

As Alcumlow is a relaxed wedding venue with plenty of outdoor space, we find that outdoor wedding games work really well for a number of reasons…

1. They encourage guests to mingle

As newlyweds it is lovely to see all of your friends and family getting to know each other. It really does make your big day all the more special. An ice-breaker like wedding lawn games can help to bring your guests together, get them chatting and of course laughing. By doing this in the daytime, your guests will be familiar and comfortable with one another by the evening, making for a super fun reception!

2. They are suitable for all ages

One thing that we really love about outdoor wedding games is that they are suitable for guests of all ages. Whether it be a child or a middle-aged man, we know they can’t resist the challenge of landing that ring on the pole! So with just one form of entertainment, you can please everybody and most importantly nobody feels left out.

3. Entertainment is always a plus

Whether all your guests make the most of the wedding lawn games or not, it is always a bonus to have the option there. The good thing about this kind of entertainment is that it can be set up for a long period throughout the day so your guests can choose to use it at a time that suits them, for example, while the bride and groom are off having their photographs done.

4. They are cost effective

Weddings in general can be expensive and entertainment is often one of the largest costs. However, you will be glad to hear that you can pick up garden games for weddings at a reasonable price online. What’s more, you can even sell them on afterwards! If you prefer not to buy them, there are also many company that hire them out at a reasonable price.

5. They create great memories (and photographs!)

Due to the element of fun and laughter that outdoor wedding games bring, you will often find that they stick in people’s mind. Happy memories like these are a precious take-away for both you and your guests. Your photographer will also love you for using lawn games as they make for great photographs! When your guests are ‘in the zone’ they will be less uptight around your photographer and their personalities will really shine through to your wedding photographs.

If you would like more information on how outdoor wedding games can be incorporated into your wedding day here at Alcumlow Wedding Barn then feel free to get in touch with our friendly team!


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