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5 Sustainable Wedding Ideas for 2022

As a wedding venue, sustainability is something we are very passionate about. We like to make more eco-conscious choices where possible to benefit both the beautiful countryside we are lucky enough to be situated in and the planet as a whole.

We are delighted that sustainable weddings are becoming more and more popular, and love to see the creative eco-friendly ideas our couples come up with. We have also come across some incredible eco-friendly wedding products recently, so we decided to write this article to share some of these ideas with you.

1. Biodegradable balloons

Biodegradable balloons are fairly new to the market, but we believe these will be a huge game changer in 2022! Made from natural latex, these balloons biodegrade much quicker than regular balloons. Whilst it is still advised that these balloons shouldn’t be released into the great outdoors due to the danger to wildlife, once used, they can be popped and disposed of in the garden compost. Super easy!

2. Upcycled table décor

When dressing your wedding venue there are several things that you will need to arrange for the tables. These include centre pieces, favours, and place cards. Why not get crafty and try creating these items out of things that you have at home rather than buying them. For example, mismatched jam jars or empty spirit bottles make for really quirky flower vases and can be recycled afterwards or rustic pieces of wood can be etched with names as place cards and then taken home as a keepsake.

3. Rent instead of buy

Opting to rent some of the items which you will need for your wedding such as wedding dresses, suits and décor is more sustainable than buying them as it cuts down on production which has huge effects on the environment. Plus, it will save you lots of money. Win win!

4. Birdseed confetti

As a venue we already ask that our couples use biodegradable confetti which is widely available in the shops and online. But why not go one step further and also nourish the local wildlife by using birdseed confetti? Any small birdseed can be used (although some look prettier than others) and we would recommend using this in moderation, throwing it nice and high to avoid the bride looking like a certain bird lady from Home Alone 2!

5. Plantable wedding favours

Whilst we are on the subject of seeds, we also really love plantable wedding favours. Whether that be a packet of seeds which your guests can take home and plant in their garden, or small potted plants which can thrive in the windows of your loved ones, they are a great sustainable choice which will continue to give back to the environment and be a lovely reminder of your very special day.

We hope that you have enjoyed our 5 sustainable wedding ideas and we look forward to seeing some of them being used in the 2022 wedding season and beyond!


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