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A Real Alcumlow Wedding - Through the Eyes of a Guest

If you are considering getting married at Alcumlow Wedding Barn, you have probably read plenty of our reviews and perhaps even blog posts from past brides and grooms, but you may be wondering what a Alcumlow wedding would be like for your guests also. After all, it is important that the day is enjoyable for everybody.

For this blog post, we asked wedding guest Rebekah to answer a few questions to give you an insight into an Alcumlow Wedding through the eyes of a guest.

So, how do you know the newly weds?

The newlyweds are my brother Sam and now sister-in-law Lisa.

Had you heard of Alcumlow Wedding Barn prior to the wedding?

Yes I had heard of it. I'd not been to a wedding there before but had heard plenty about it and seen lots of beautiful images. My sister-in-law & brother-in-law to be are hoping to get married there in a few years time, and my fiancé and I considered it for our own wedding too. We also visited for ice-cream prior to Sam & Lisa's wedding!

What were your first impressions of the venue?

The venue is gorgeous! Inside and out, it delivers on every aspect! Welcoming, warm and cosy!

How was the food and what did you have to eat?

The food was delicious especially in the evening - the pizza was amazing, and of course the ice-cream was delicious! I can't actually remember what we had at lunch, I think it may have been beef and then sticky toffee pudding. I certainly had no complaints.

Looking back, what were your favourite parts from the day?

Ahh that's a difficult question! The dance floor was lovely...with the seating that lines the edges, that will have made for beautiful photos of guests looking at the dancers!

The whole setting of the venue was great - it had so much to offer. There seemed to be a section for everything but it still felt altogether.

Sam and Lisa put their own spin on the venue and it was completely diverse in allowing them to do so.

Outdoors was beautiful - but very cold! It was November and it was freezing! So we only spent a short amount of time outdoors. The Mediterranean courtyard is a really nice touch. Overall a 10/10 venue.

Thank you Rebekah for sharing your experience with us!

Photography by Adam Lowndes.


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