Decorating a Barn for a Wedding – Our Top Tips

Barn Weddings have become extremely popular in the UK over recent years with couples really enjoying the rustic style. You only have to log in to Pinterest to see how popular they are!

One of the big draws for couples is that they offer lots of opportunity for personalisation. There is something so special about putting your own stamp on your wedding day.

Over the years we have learned what works well and what doesn't work so well when it comes to decorating a wedding Barn. In this blog post we share our top tips!

Get Crafty

As we have mentioned, barns provide a great opportunity for personalisation. This is mainly because they tend to be a little more relaxed than other types of venues. Barns are full of Character and are therefor a little more ‘rough around the edges’ which means a drawing pin or two in the wall is usually fine. Not only do barn wedding venues tend to be more relaxed about personalisation, they are also really in-keeping. Hand-made items such as centre pieces, favours and photograph strings only add to the quirky style.

decor ideas when decorating a barn for a wedding

Fairy Lights Not Flames

Although lots of wedding barns (like ours) have plenty of fairly lights in place, you can never have too many! Fairy lights offer a romantic lighting option and having them dotted around can really help to brighten the place up seeing as barns tend to have few windows. In particular, we recommend using fairy lights in your centre pieces as they make them stand out! One big thing to remember is that naked flames are not permitted inside wooden barns as they pose a fire hazard. So don’t got on a tealight shopping spree!

How to decorate a barn for a wedding

Rustic Fabrics

Fabrics are one thing which is often overlooked when it comes to dressing a wedding barn. For things such as chair covers and table runners, rustic or delicate fabrics tend to work the best. We would particularly recommend hessian or lace as they tie in well with the barn and offer a more natural, rural look. You can also tie these in nicely with your crafty bits and bobs to make everything consistent.

Barn wedding decor

Country Style Flowers

When you walk into a florist it is easy to be wowed by the biggest and brightest (and most expensive) floral arrangements but before you commit, try to picture the flowers in your venue and decide if they match. We have found that wild and country style flowers work really well. For example gypsophila, sunflowers and dried flower assortments. Also, don’t be afraid to add plenty of foliage throughout your venue. You can also use the same foliage to accessories things such as your wedding cake!

Unique decor for a wedding barn

Bring The Outside In

As Wedding Barns tend to be located in the countryside, you want to make the most of this by bringing the outside in. Nature can provide some beautiful and cost-effective décor pieces for your barn wedding. For example, small tree stumps make beautiful cakes stands as well as great bases for your centre pieces, petals look really pretty scattered down the aisle and hay bales make for a really handy casual seating option.

Finishing touched when decorating a barn for a wedding

Our Brides and Grooms never fail to impress us when it comes to decorating our wedding barn. If you would like to see some of their efforts then feel free to head over to our gallery.