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5 ways To Make Your Wedding Unique..

t's not unusual for people to attend more than one or two weddings per year, so it is only natural that you want your wedding to stand out. 

Use Smoke Bombs

If you want to inject a blast of colour into your wedding day (and your photographs) then smoke bombs are a great, cost effective option. They are really simple to use but make a big impact. You can buy them in block form which can be placed in the backdrop of your photographs or you can buy hand-held smoke bombs which you and your wedding party can hold in the air for more fun and energetic shots.

A unique wedding at Alcumlow Wedding Barn in Cheshire

Include Your Dog

Most dog owners will agree that they love their fury friend just as much as their other half. So why not let them enjoy your special day too? Providing you are getting married at a dog friendly wedding venue like Alcumlow Wedding Barn, your dog can not only attend the wedding but play a part in the ceremony. Some brides like their dog to walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids while some grooms like to give their dog the honour of ring bearer. 

A unique dog friendly wedding at Alcumlow Wedding Barn in Cheshire

Drone Photographs

Traditional wedding photography captures the moments you see and wish to remember, but drone photography allows you to view your wedding day from heights and angles you wouldn’t usually get to see. Drone photography is particularly great for capturing large group shots of all of your wedding guests as well as some really out of the box pictures of the happy couple. 

Unique drone wedding photography

Al Fresco Dining

Many couples opt to marry in the Spring and Summer months when the sun is shining and nature is in bloom, however this is often wasted as so much time is spent dining indoors. By offering an al fresco dining option, you and your guests can make the most of the lovely weather and surroundings. Al fresco dining also adds a more relaxed and modern feel to the wedding day which is ideal for less traditional couples.

A  Wedding 'Cheese Cake'

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most traditional parts of a wedding, but that doesn't mean that you can't put a modern twist on it! So, if you're a cheese loving couple then why not replace red velvet for red leicester!?

A unique cheese wedding cake at Alcumlow Wedding Barn in Cheshire


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