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How to Pull off the Most Beautiful Intimate Wedding

Due to the current pandemic many Brides and Grooms have chosen to cancel or postpone their big day because they want it to be just that… BIG.

However, some couples have chosen to stick to their planned Wedding date and move forward with a socially distanced, yet more intimate affair. Something completely different to what they had envisaged but totally stunning.

Aside from the fact that you are surrounded by the closest people in your life, let us tell you how to make your intimate wedding utterly beautiful.

Make it extra personal

With a smaller number of guests you have the time to really personalise lots of aspects of your day which will make your guests feel extra special. For example, your wedding favours could include a handwritten note, an object which brings back a special memory, an illustration of the guest or a handkerchief embroidered with their name. You could even make light of the situation with personalised face masks.

Exclusive entertainment

Wedding entertainment usually has to cater for a large group of people mingling closely for example a band, however a smaller group opens up options for something more exclusive such as a romantic play, a small opera performance or even something interactive such as wine tasting. Your guests won’t even notice that they are socially distanced and it guarantees that your special day will be remembered and cherished by all.

Special Speeches

A smaller number of guests mean that you can speak on a more personal level. You could write a special line about each guest or you could invite people up to share a few words. This approach is bound to get the tears rolling and that’s where those personalised handkerchiefs come in handy!

Include Fury Friends

Many couples would like to include their dogs in their big day but feel that it would add unwanted stress. However intimate and calm weddings lend themselves to this. Your nearest and dearest will already be familiar with your fury friends and will naturally take care of them, plus whilst people may be head counted, animals are not!


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