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How To Recognise & Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Your engagement is one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life, but planning a wedding is a huge task and can be very overwhelming and stressful too. 

It is important to recognise when things get a little too much so that you can take action to reduce the amount of stress on yourself.

Symptoms most commonly present themselves in your mental health. You may notice that you feel overly sensitive and emotional, which can lead to crying or outbursts of anger. You may also find it difficult to concentrate and struggle sleeping. 

But it is important to remember that symptoms can also be physical including headaches and stomach pains which you may not initially attribute to stress. 

If you feel that you may be suffering with stress in the lead up to your wedding, then here are a few actions you can take to alleviate it. 

How to reduce wedding planning stress

Get Organised Organising your paperwork and information will naturally organise your mind. If you prefer working with physical paper and pen then a wedding planner and a well organised folder should do the trick. For those who are more tech savvy, an all-encompassing spread sheet combined with your own wedding planning website will provide the next level of organisation.

Take Control of Your Schedule Planning a wedding along with working, running a home and taking care of a family is a lot of work and highly time consuming. Be realistic about what you can fit into your schedule, keep a diary and don’t be afraid to say no to plans and commitments which you simply can’t fit in.


Share the Load With Others Be vocal about how much you have to do and politely ask other for help. For example, task your fiance with sourcing the men’s suits and entertainment and task your bridesmaids with researching suppliers allowing you to simply make the final decisions.  

Quit the Crash Diet We all want to look our best on our big day and many struggle to keep up with their unrealistic targets,resulting in crash dieting. This is highly unhealthy, especially when you are under strain. By simply replacing high fat foods with fresh fruit & veg, you will lose weight and nourish your body when it needs it the most, providing much more energy for planning! 

Get Enough sleep You should aim to get 8 hours of sleep per night. Establish a routine to ensure you get as close to this as possible and your body will also benefit from the routine. Sleep will provide more energy for your busy schedule and also help to reduce the symptoms of stress as your body is rested and more equipped to deal with strain. 

Take ‘You’ Time In your new schedule, make time to do things that you enjoy. Whether that be reading a book, knitting or simply taking a bath. This time will allow you to take a break from the stress of wedding planning, unwind and bring back those happy feelings.


Exercise  Exercise is known to reduce the symptoms of stress and depression. It releases endorphins which give a great feeling during and after and what’s more, you will feel happy and confident long term as you see improvements to your body. Some prefer to hit the gym or go for a run while others prefer something more relaxing like yoga or pilates. Which ever you choose, you will feel the benefits. 


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