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The 12 Month Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

There are so many parts of planning a wedding which need to be done in advance, such as booking suppliers, picking menus and arranging accommodation. Presuming that beauty treatments are more of a last minute job is a mistake many brides make. To ensure you look and feel your best on your big day, it is essential to make a 12 month regime and stick to it! 

Wedding beauty regime tips

11 - 12 Months To Go - Diet & Exercise  

In preparation for your big day, the first thing you need to start thinking about is reaching your ideal weight and shape. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, add a few pounds or simply tone up, you will need to sit down to calculate your calorie intake, replace unhealthy foods for food healthier options and start a regular exercise routine. Changing your body can take time which is why it is essential to start so far in advance. 

9 - 10 Months To Go - Train Your Brows

Eyebrows are something which are often overlooked. But terrible brows can ruin precious wedding photographs. Years of over plucking or years of no plucking can leave brides with cringe-worthy brows. See a brow specialist well in advance of the wedding who will advise you on where to pluck, where not to pluck and provide you with an ideal shape for your face.


7 - 8 Months To Go - Hair Removal

Waxing and shaving is a chore at the best of times but it can be quite difficult to factor this into the days before your wedding, especially when tanning is involved. To avoid this stress why not opt for laser or IPL hair removal? Either in the clinic or at home, the process can take a few months to complete but the inconvenience of hair removal will be banished for good! 

5 - 6 Months To Go - Skincare

At this stage it is a good idea to visit a dermatologist to create a skincare routine which is tailored to you. This should include regular cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising of both the face and the body. It is essential to use products which are bursting with natural vitamins and minerals to help your skin glow and avoid any nasty reactions. 

3 - 4 Months To Go - Makeup 

With just a few months to go before the big day, now is a good time to hit the department stores in search of the perfect wedding day makeup. This gives you time to get samples of a few different products to try. Opt for a satin finish foundation which will make you glow without the high shine and don't be afraid to spend a little more than usual on high quality products which will stay in place all day and evening. 

1 - 2 Months To Go - Teeth Whitening

There's no avoiding the fact that you will be smiling from ear from the start to finish of your wedding day. Wow your guests (and your photographer) with a set of beautiful pearly whites by opting for a teeth whitening treatment. Ask your dentist abut their range of whitening options or if the budget is a bit tight then why not try a safe home whitening kit. 

The Month Of The Wedding - Final Touches

There are lots of final beauty treatments which can't be carried out until the month or the week of the wedding, so it is essential that you make a well thought out plan to avoid unnecessary stress.

First of all you should think about tanning. If this is out of the ordinary for you, then building a gradual tan over a couple of weeks is a good idea as it gives a natural look and gives you control over the colour depth. For those who prefer a spray tan, this can be left until a 2-3 days before the wedding. 

A fresh hair cut or trim can be scheduled for a week before the wedding to let it settle in, while things such as nails and eyelashes would be best being done the day before the wedding (After you have said goodbye to the groom!) so not to ruin any surprises. 


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