Where to Start with Wedding Planning

Firstly, if you have just gotten engaged over the Christmas and New Year period – congratulations! This time of year is already so magical but a shiny new ring on your finger makes it even more special.

You are most likely really excited and keen to start wedding planning but at the very start it can be quite daunting and difficult to know where to begin.

That’s where we can help!

1. Enjoy the Excitement

First things first, remember to enjoy being engaged! Although planning a wedding is very exciting, don’t feel like you need to spring into Monica mode straight away. Spend as much time as you like letting the engagement sink in and embrace this romantic bubble that you and your partner are in. This is a unique and extra special time in your life so relax, admire your gorgeous ring and enjoy the newly engaged bliss!

2. Buy a Wedding Planner

When you feel that you are ready to start the wedding planning process, or should I say ‘when you can’t wait any longer’ then your first step is to buy a wedding planner. There is a great selection on the market but it is important to pick the one which is right for your needs. Some couples like to organise every aspect of their wedding within their wedding planner whilst some prefer to use them to jot down ideas and notes and keep things like finances organised within spreadsheets. There are even some wedding planners on the market which contain tips and advice which can be really handy. Whatever you need – there is a wedding planner for you out there.

3. Set your Budget

Speaking of finances, the next item on your check list is setting your budget. It is important to do this at the very start so that you don’t spend too much early on and leave yourself short of funds. It also ensures that you are spending an appropriate amount of money in each area so that your special day is consistent throughout. Whether you set out your budget in your wedding planner or in a spreadsheet, make sure you keep it up to date and check that you are on track regularly throughout the wedding planning process to avoid any stressful financial mishaps.

4. Make a Rough Guest List

Although it is early days and the people in your life may change between now and the wedding, it is a good idea to start thinking about your guest list. First things first you and your partner should decide if you would like an intimate wedding or a larger celebration. Remember that this may be influenced by the budget which you have set out. You will then need to draw up a rough guest list so that you have an approximate number of guests which is essential before you move on to our next step.

5. Start Looking at Venues

This is where things get really exciting! With your budget and guest list now taking shape you can start to hunt for venues which are both in your price range and can cater for your capacity. Make a list of your favourite venues and get viewings scheduled in even if your wedding is 2 years away. Prime dates get snapped up early on so make sure that you aren’t left with slim pickings. If you are reading this article whilst we are still in lockdown then don’t worry, you don’t need to postpone this step. Many venues like ourselves are offering virtual viewings which you can enjoy from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Once you have chosen your wedding venue then you are well under way! Check out our Ultimate Wedding Planning Check List which will help to guide you through the whole wedding planning process and remember to enjoy yourself along the way!