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Why Photo Booth's make a Great Addition to your Wedding Day

Love is amazing. It transcends what we think we know and brings us into a place of true bliss. Those who are lucky enough to find love deserve the chance to celebrate with family and friends. Weddings can be intimate gatherings of just a few family and friends or over the top experience with hundreds of fun loving people in attendance. No matter what size your wedding is to be, you need to have some form of entertainment to keep everyone happy and a photo booth hire is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and make some memories of your special day.

A Spontaneous Experience

Years ago, the trendy thing to do at a wedding was for the bride and groom to pass out disposable snap shot camera to guests. This provided an opportunity to have some very candid and fun shots instead of just the staged photos provided by the photographer. If offered a little spontaneity even though it was a formal affair. Today, the same thing happens, but with smartphones of the guests. However, hiring a photo booth for your wedding gives you the opportunity to allow your guests to be spontaneous without having to use their own phone. They can choose who they want to take pictures with and use enjoyable props to get the exact photo they want with ease.

Fun for All

Certain aspects of a wedding are reserved for certain groups of people. Weddings are planned, often formal affairs, so the bride and groom want to have everything in the proper place. Sometimes, weddings leave our specific groups of people such as children as the event is to be reverent without distractions children can sometimes bring. However, leaving out certain groups can sometimes leave out some of the more important people in the family and when you have a wedding, you want everyone to be able to attend. A photo booth hire is the perfect opportunity to provide fun for all at every age and every type of group. From the oldest guests to the youngest, everyone will love it when you hire a photo booth for your wedding.

No Bad Pictures

When looking through photo albums after an event, you will inevitably come across photos that do not appeal to the overall aspect of the party. These photos can become discarded or placed in a box never to be seen again. At a wedding, you can have many, many of this type of photography, but with a photo booth hire at your wedding, there are no bad picture. Photo booths are all about fun and excitement. You are supposed to make weird faces and act crazy. That’s the point, so with your photo booth hire, you will have endless wonderful picture without a bad one in sight.

Fun Keepsakes for Guests

The perfect keepsake is essential for your wedding guest. Apart from general photos of the event, you want them to have something they can hold onto. Trinkets and mementos have their place, but after the wedding, these things can become discarded or simply put away in an attic. It is also very difficult to find the exact right keepsake for each guest to enjoy. However, a photo booth hire takes the guess work out of buying expensive or elaborate keepsakes.

Your guests can take pictures throughout the night with everyone in attendance while having a great time. Once the event is over, they can place each picture in their own photo album or pin to their wall to remember the good times they had at your wedding.

Fits into Any Venue

The venue chosen for a wedding will likely determine the level and what type of entertainment you can have. Some forms of entertainment require specialized equipment or a dedicated space for performers. It can be a hassle to try to find a venue to fit specific entertainment options, but you will not have to worry about that with your photo booth hire. Photo booths are compact and can be set up anywhere at any venue without difficulty. No longer will you have to confirm and reconfirm there is ample space for your chosen entertainment when you entrust it all to a photo booth hire for your wedding.

Keeps the Fun Going All Night

Weddings are joyous events, but often, the party ends early due to lack of entertainment. There are only so many songs that can be played without repeating and there is only so much dancing to be done before wedding guests begin to tire. A photo booth hire for your wedding is a great way to help the party keep going as long as you need to. Your guests will never tire of finding new poses and props to make pictures to cherish.

A wedding is a blessed event full of love and fun for all, but if you neglect to hire the right type of entertainment, you risk turning your guests away from having a good time. A photo booth hire is the ideal form of entertainment. It is fun, a great way to make memories, and can be set up anywhere, so what are you waiting for? Get your photo booth hire for your wedding booked today.


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