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Predicted Post-Pandemic Wedding Trends

It’s fair to say that the world will be a different place once the current coronavirus pandemic is over. Not only will people’s social and shopping habits be changed but so will their appreciation for freedom and loved ones.

These changes will inevitably filter through to the wedding industry in a number of different ways, resulting in weddings which are more magical and memorable than ever.

Below are just some of the welcome trends which we can expect to see in the post-pandemic wedding industry.

Image - Heledd Roberts Photography

UK Weddings

Due to the travel restrictions in 2020 many people have traded globe-trotting for ‘staycations’ and have been surprised to discover some amazing locations right here in the UK. It is safe to say that our eyes have been opened to the beauty that our country has to offer. Due to this and some on-going concerns about travel, it is predicted that less people will opt for destination weddings and instead opt for a more local affair, making the most of the amazing qualities the UK has to offer.

Weekday Weddings

Weekday weddings have already seen a rise in popularity over recent years, with Sunday and weekday weddings now accounting for 1 in every 3. However this is set to increase further. This is partly due to the fact that many couples are rescheduling their big day and are a little more stuck for choice but also because weekday weddings offer great value for money. The current pandemic is causing financial uncertainty for many meaning a Saturday date at your dream wedding venue may be out of budget but opting for a week day can make it a real possibility.

Local suppliers

One huge positive which has come out of the pandemic is that people have learned how important small businesses are. As a country we have pulled together to help our small businesses survive and we predict that local loyalty is something that will continue long after the pandemic. This will undoubtedly carry through to the wedding industry and we predict to see plenty of beautiful UK sourced stationary, dresses, décor and food.

Personal touches

Coming through uncertain times certainly makes people appreciate their nearest and dearest and the times they can spend together. That’s why personal touches are predicted to be a huge trend for both mid and post-pandemic weddings. You can expect personalised favours, care boxes and some extra heart-warming speeches as Bride's and Groom's want their loved ones to know just how special they are to them and also how much they appreciate any patience and understanding with any re-arranging which may have had t take place.

Prolonged Celebrations

Lockdown has left everybody longing for a good get together and celebration so it’s no surprise that the wedding and hospitality industry has seen increased interest in prolonged marital celebrations. It is predicted that some couples will start their celebrations a day in advance of the wedding and continue to celebrate with their closest family and friends for one or two days after, booking group accommodation in the UK once it is safe to do so.

We can’t wait to see these predicted trends come to life and enjoy every magical moment with our Brides and Grooms!


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