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Why Your Post-Covid Wedding is Going to be so Incredibly Special

The number of couples who were due to tie the knot in 2020 but have had to postpone their wedding day is absolutely heart-breaking. If you are one of those couples – from the bottom of our hearts, we are so sorry. Nothing will make-up for the stress and upset but one thing is for certain; your post-covid wedding is going to be phenomenal!

Here is why…

Photo - Heledd Roberts photography

Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation

Although a wedding day is possibly the most special day of a person’s life, I doubt that anyone we know has ever appreciated it in the way that you will. Experiencing the lockdown-life reality of what was supposed to be your big day will only make you cherish and enjoy every moment on a level like no other. This alone will make your day exceptionally amazing.

Love on Another Level

Many people joke about the difficulties of being locked down with their other half and yes I’m sure there have been instances when that toilet seat has been left up one too many times , but in reality, going through a time so challenging, stressful and worrying has bought us closer to our partners. How magical that you can come out of this together and celebrate by becoming husband and wife.

A Family Affair

One of the hardest consequences of lockdown for many has been the lack of contact with family. Something we perhaps took for granted in the past but have come to realise is so special. Just think how amazing it is going to feel to have all of your family in one room and be able to hug each and every one of them. I guarantee you will squeeze a little tighter and hold on for a little longer than ever before.

The Big Catching Up

Not only will you have not seen your family and friends for a year (seriously… 1 year!?) but your guests haven’t been able to see each other either. So you need not worry about the much feared ‘lull’ while you are off having your photographs taken because your guests will have plenty to catch up on and they will be loving every minute of it.

All About Atmosphere

For all of the reasons above, your post-covid wedding day is going to have a euphoric atmosphere. The buzz will certainly last from start to finish and I doubt that you or any of your guests will be able to take the smiles off your faces all day long. So whilst you will always remember the sadness of delaying your big day, the memory of your incredible wedding filled with appreciation, love and laughter on a level like never before is going to surpass that by far.

So cheers to you – Our courageous post-covid couples!


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